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Out of the gay men surveyed, a staggering 71 per cent said that they had been actively turned off by a prospective partner because they had shown signs of femininity. For years I was so ashamed of my own feminine qualities, that when on dates I would say very little or speak quietly because I was worried my voice would give me away. Even now, I find myself trying and failing to butch myself up when surrounded by extended family members, or straight men I am unfamiliar with. But the effect of constantly being fed the message that femme equals bad is hard to ignore.
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10 Biggest Lies You Were Told About Gay Men

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LGBT Foundation - Viewpoint - Embracing Male Femininity in the Gay Community

Among myriad Tumblr blogs reporting on fashion trends, the latest movements of the hottest celebrities, and the most popular cat GIFs is a collection of arguments made by women against the validity and necessity of feminism. I am a gay man, and I identify as a feminist. I believe being an ally to women and being aware of the struggles many women face is important. But as a man, regardless of my sexual orientation, I recognize that I have the potential to be a part of the problem rather than the solution. From the gay nightlife scene making women feel less than welcomed, to gay men consistently claiming terms rooted in misogyny, gay male culture has seemingly forgotten the subtle yet crucial difference between straight-privilege and male -privilege. When we, as gay men, engage in these behaviors there is an unspoken permission that we grant ourselves based on the fusion of our male and gay identities. I believe that it is hypocrisy, at best, for gay men to engage in these behaviors when these acts exemplify the exercise of a male social privilege while simultaneously justifying fundamentally bad behavior through the commonalities of oppression.
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Men will be Men: Feminism and LGBT Rights

The association between camp, feminine qualities in men and male homosexuality is deeply ingrained. As do camp, effeminate straight men. The problem is that homosexual male campness and effeminacy was portrayed in such an unflattering, pejorative way that inaccurate negative connotations i.
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